1hour with Ariane (160.-) or Mathilda (150.-)


  • Body & spine alignment
  • Breathing exercises
  • Vocal Basics Warm Ups
  • Vocal Advanced Warm Ups
  • Awareness and Self Confidence
  • How To Perform
  • Learn a Repertoire of Songs You Like
  • Regular Concerts

with Mathilda

GROUP Singing

Tuesdays 17:30-18:30

Learn how to warm up your voice, sing your favorite songs and perform at the regular events at CAPZürich.

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640.- per semester

with Ariane


  • write and perform you own songs
  • writing exercises
  • unlocking your creativity
  • learn about harmonies
  • 4hours, 1x a month, 150.-/class
  • space is limited to 7 max
  • on-going help in between classes

with Ariane


  • perform a song
  • stage presence technique
  • connection with your public
  • confidence and skills
  • 1x a month, 50.-/class
  • 8 singers, 8 songs

with Ariane

singing adult Group

MONDAYS at 19:30 til 20:30

50.- per class

  • body posture
  • breathing exercises
  • vocal warm-ups
  • songs & harmonies

Each lesson starts with aligning the body and doing breathing exercises.

We sing songs and create together harmonies.

Benefits well-being, mindset, body awareness and self-confidence.